Services  & Specialties

 A Holistic approach to Health is promoted by combining Modern Allopathic Medicine and Complementary/Alternate  Systems of Medicine in which the person as a whole is considered / treated and not just the particular symptom or complaint.

List  of  Services  
Medical Systems and Therapies practiced at Kurji Holy Family Hospital:

a)  Allopathy

1.    Medicine 

2.   General Surgery

      3.   Obstetrics and Gynecology

      4.   Pediatrics

      5.  Orthopedics

      6.  Ophthalmology (Eye)

      7.  ENT 

      8.  Neurology

      9.  Cardiology

     10. Nephrology

     11. Dermatology

     12.  Psychiatry

     13. Clinical Psychology

     14.  Anesthesiology

     15.  Radiology

     16.  Pathology

     17.  Plastic surgery


b)      Alternative System of Medicine

1. Homeo Drug Energy Transmission

       2. Ayurveda

  Allied therapies:

l       Holistic Healing

l        Psychotherapy, Counseling 

l        Stress  Management

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l      Medicine    - Liver Disease Ward

l        Surgery      - Laproscopy

                        - E.R.C.P.

- Endoscopy  

l      Orthopedic  - Hip Replacement

l        Eye              - Phaco Surgery

l        Cardiology   - Pace Maker  -  Temporary

                    - Pace Maker-  Permanent

Special services

l        Bone Density ( BMD )

l  Dialysis unit

l        Blood Bank

l        ICU- Pediatric- Incubator Facility

l        ICU- Medical

l        ICU –Surgical

l        ICCU

l        Day care

l        MODERN Operation Theater,

Delivery Room, New Born Nursery.

l        Vaccination Clinic – Mon. to Sat.

- BCG, DPT, Polio,Measles,   

  Hib titer, Chicken pox,

  Thphoid,  Hepatitis B.


l        24 hours Emergency Service


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  Supportive services      

l        Ultrasonography

l        X-Ray

l        ECG

l        Laboratory

l        Pharmacy

l        Physiotherapy

l        Pastoral / Spiritual Care

l        Dietary service

l        Nutrition Therapy

l        Diet Counselling.

l        Mechanised Laundry

l        Central Sterile Supply

l        24 hours Electricity and water

l        Technical Maintenance.

l        Waste Management 

l        Canteen

l        Rasoighar- Cooking  facility for the patients’ relatives

l        Car Park

l        Telephone (STD, ISD booth)

l        Security

l        Refrigerated Mortuary.

l  Community Care Center for people living with  HIV  / AIDS (PLHA)

l Community Care Center (CCC)

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