Community Health Centres It is also decided to recommend to sanction one CHC in each CD Block initially as first Phase and there after one CHC for every One lakhs population in the second phase, subsequently for rendering curative services for patients for getting them admitted and treated at these first level with the required minimum facilities.

      While sanctioning the CHCs the CHCs shall be sanctioned only in CD Block and recommend to redesignate the THQH level CHCs as Taluk Hospitals.


Now every CD Block has at least one medical institution at the level of Block Primary Health Centre; some have more than one and even more than one Block PHCs with difference in bed strengths. We recommend there may be one CHC in every Block Panchayat with minimum of 50 beds and service delivery facility for health care of major specialities. In block Panchayaths having more than one such institution, one may be redesigned as Community Health Centre. The others may continue to provide service at a level that deems fit to the Local Self Government Institutions.



             One in Every Block Panchayath


Service delivery

      Clinical care-with minimum in-patient service provision for: -

         General ailments- Medical and Surgical,

         24 hour delivery service

         Normal Delivery services, Assisted delivery services, Essential & Emergency Obstetric (including blood storage facilities) and Essential New-born care

         Blood transfusion service 

         Essential diagnostic service with ECG and Ultra sound scan service

         Paediatric case management

         Trauma care basic services

         First aid management of Orthopaedic and other speciality cases.

         Ambulance Services


      Preventive Care

      Prevention and control of communicable disease

      Prevention and control of Non-communicable diseases such as Cardio-vascular disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer care (Palliative  Cancer care),  etc.,

      School Health Programme

      Geriatric Care

      Preventive / Rehabilitative services

      Implementation of national programs

      Maternal and child health services

      Community psychiatry

      Community dentistry

      RTI/STI and adolescent clinics 


Note: -

In certain Block Panchayaths there are more than one Block primary health centre/ Community Health Centre with or and without inpatient facility. In such cases we are of opinion that either of these institutions with more facilities may be declared as designated CHC of the Block Panchayath and remaining may continue as such limiting curative service delivery.

There are Govt hospitals, intermediary hospitals and dispensaries with or and without inpatient facilities. These institutions do not come under any of the categories recommended above. 

We propose

i).         The existing institution may be re-designated as primary health centre for the Panchayath where there is no primary health centre.

ii).       The remaining may continue as such limiting curative services.

      iii)   These institutions may be considered for conversion as community health centre as and when the target of setting up of CHC for every one lakh population as per the GOI norms



        OP rooms with separate cabins for each speciality

        Office rooms

        Rooms for LHI/LHS and HS/HI

        Injection room

        Immunisation room / observation room

        Minor Operation theatre

        Major Operation theatre


        Post-mortem room

        Conference room

        Labour room with neonatal resuscitation facility

        Ward with minimum of 50 beds with male, female, Obstetrics and paediatric wards, room for infectious disease treatment and delivery care.

        Duty Doctors room

        Duty nurses room

        Pharmacy room

        Toilet facilities for patients and staff all such rooms shall be provided with toilet facility

        Blood Storage

        Store room

        Ambulance with shed

1.                  Water supply  & electricity

      Waste disposal and drainage system.

      Doctors quarters

      Nurses Quarters

      Para Medical Staff Quarters





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