The Hospital History

The Hospital History

Kurji Holy Family Hospital (KHFH), Patna is situated on the banks of the river Ganges and adjacent to Sadaquat Ashram, is noted for its highly dedicated team of medical and paramedical personnel, together with a good infrastructure and clean environment that is conducive for healing. Holy Family Hospital had its beginning in Patna City in 1939 by the Medical Mission Sisters.

Dr. Anna Dengel , the foundress of Medical Mission Sisters had a special charism and insight into  and concern for the plight of women. In 1934 Dr. Anna Dengel visited Patna.  Bishop Bernard Sullivan took her on a tour and as they passed by, people called out " Give us schools and help for the sick".  Did you hear that?  The Bishop asked Dr. Dengel, "Of course I did" Dr. Dengel replied.  In 1939 three days before Christmas Bishop Sullivan welcomed the Medical Mission sisters to Patna with the message that  " a poor family is expecting you".  He took them to the crib at the old cathedral and from that day onwards, taking care of the sick has been the mission of the Sisters in Patna at Padri-Ki-Haveli, Patna City.  The Hospital was very crowded and the dream of having a bigger  hospital - Kurji Holy Family Hospital became a reality on November 19, 1958.  Padri-Ki-Haveli continued as a maternity hospital until 1963. The building was handed over to Mother Theresa's sisters who run an orphanage and Old People's home there.  

KHFH today offers specialized care in Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, OB/Gynae, Orthopedics, Eye, ENT and Plastic Surgery.  These Departments are supported by well equipped Laboratory with auto analyzers for Bio Chemistry and Haematology, Histopathology,  Blood Bank and Bacteriology, X-ray, Ultrasound with color Doppler, Video Endoscope, which makes the investigations easier and faster. The hospital has well equipped operation theaters with the latest SA-2/RA-2 Electronic Anesthesia Ventilator and open 24 hours for emergencies.  The hospital has computerized the Registration, Admission, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Personnel, Billing, Accounts and Administration Departments.  It has Intensive Care Units for care of critical patients with the necessary equipments for monitoring and care including Ventilator support. The excellent nursing care offered attracts many critical patients to the hospital.  It has a 24 hour casualty service with investigational back up at all times. The hospital has added Naturopathy department from 1980 in its search for alternate methods of healing which are less expensive and less hazardous and non-invasive to patients.

Since 1960's the hospital has reached out to the people through its Community Health and Rural Development centers (CHRD) in Kurji, Dibra and Maner.  Today the centers in Kurji and Maner offer valuable services to the marginalized sections of our society in collaboration with the Bihar Government, in the areas of Immunization, ANC General Clinics, Leprosy, TB etc. They work with PLWHAs (People living with HIV/AIDS) through Projects funded by CRS and TIDES Foundation. Regular health education at the center and in home visits has promoted better understanding of health among the people. Other programs include School Health, Non-Formal Education, School HIV/AIDS Awareness, Self Help Groups, Girl Child Literacy program. Efforts are made to reach out to the musahar community, the focus being education for their women and children and leadership training for the youth and community.

KHFH is training oriented in all its activities. The School of Nursing began in 1940 at Patna City, later in 1958 it was moved to the present place. A 31/2 year Diploma course in General Nursing & Midwifery and a two year course in Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) recognized by the Indian Nursing Council are conducted. The School of Medical Laboratory Technology started in 1971. Examinations are conducted on all India level by Indian Medical Council.

Intern-houseman programs for the budding doctors, approved by Indian Medical Council and DNB, (Directorate of National Board) Training Program in the departments of Pediatrics, Gynecology and Medicine are also conducted. Besides professional skills, knowledge and competence, importance is given to all around development to make each student a wholesome person. Today KHFH graduates are all over the world, upholding the spirit of Holy Family Hospital.

Kurji Holy Family Hospital management is participative in its nature thus giving opportunities for all the co-workers to be part and parcel of the Hospital vision and philosophy to take care of the sick with competence, love and compassion.  The hospital has a well set up personnel department taking care of its employees numbering close to 560 and provides on-going education programs for development.

The clinical care of the patient is further supported by a well equipped physiotherapy department. The hospital has a good dietary department and a mechanized laundry which takes care of the needs of over 250 patients daily.  The maintenance  department sees to the smooth running of the hospital and the housekeeping staff daily engage themselves in keeping the hospital clean, making it a pleasant place for the patients to stay and move about.  

Today the presence of Kurii Holy Family Hospital in Patna means a broad spectrum of curative and preventive health care services, community development and social welfare programs, training and self help projects that foster the full development of people.



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